Electromagnetic Pulse Survival Guide

EMP Protocol Survival Guide

The EMP protocol is a well-designed product that includes many videos and images that show you how to create 3 Faraday boxes. This is one of the essential elements because the information provided makes it possible to protect your device even in the Power EMP. As many sites available to make Faraday boxes but this EMP Protocol product has a real master plan and very affordable. In this product, you will learn three ways to use electricity. Just follow the information provided and apply it, then see how to easily save your life and your electronic device from the EMP. The EMP Protocol product is a step-by-step manual for everyone. you'll learn some more different techniques which are very innovative and helps to secure your life from the very dangerous EMP Apocalypse. In this product, you will learn more about EMP and safety cages. With simple tools, everyone can make these cages. The tools are available in the kitchen or in the yard. This fully enclosed shield to place your electronic gadgets like mobile, radio or microwave. And you can keep more tools to generate your own electricity. Electricity can be obtained from solar or wind energy, but most of the electricity used in homes comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as oil or coal. These fuels are needed to power the turbines that produce electricity. Read more here...

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Categorisation of EMC according to phenomena

The following table gives an overview of the principal electromagnetic disturbance, which shall be considered accordingly to the list commonly agreed by the IEC and CENELEC 7.8.18 . High altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP)d High Amplitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), or Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse (LEMP). The standards are ranking the impacts of electromagnetic pulses of lightning among the conducted and radiated phenomena, while the phenomena are categorised rather according to their physical characteristics, than on the basis of their sources (ESD and HEMP phenomena are exceptions from this point of view).

Diagonal Clipping

The electromagnetic disturbance created by the transmitter is propagated by the transmitter antenna and travels at the speed of light as described in Chapter 2. It is evident that, if the electromagnetic wave encounters a conductor, a current will be induced in the conductor. How much current is induced will depend on the strength of the electromagnetic field, the size and shape of the conductor and its orientation to the direction of propagation of the wave. The conductor will then capture some of the power present in the wave and hence it will be acting as a receiver antenna. However, other electromagnetic waves emanating from all other radio transmitters will also induce some current in the antenna. The two basic functions of the radio receiver are


EMC is the ability of a device, equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment. Electronic equipment is susceptible to RF energy, whether radiated or conducted. Susceptibility is defined in ANSI C63.14-1998 (Ref. 2) as the inability of a device, piece of equipment, or system to perform without degradation in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance.'' Of course, emanation at sufficient level can be called an electromagnetic disturbance.

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