The key to value chain delivery

At this point it is important for us to understand what the consequences of our analysis are showing us. We have seen that there are organizational structures, and business functions and processes that do work in order to meet customers' needs, and operational systems that align with those functions and processes and make it possible to deliver them. We have also seen that there is a shift in the emphasis of the business away from managing the processes (businesses have mastered that in many ways) and towards the management of the knowledge that the business holds.

This makes three things clear:

• Operational systems are about optimizing the management of processes throughout the organization.

• Data warehouses and data mining are about optimizing the management of knowledge throughout the organization, but these systems can only be fed by information that the operational systems hold and manage.

• The organizational structure is about the management of people, to manage them to levels of optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Therefore, our optimum data warehousing environment can only be developed when we understand the relationships between all three ofthese aspects of the business and we can figure out how to align them effectively.

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