Routes and Routesets

The term routeset refers to the routing capability of addressing a node within the SS7 network. Every node within the network has a unique address that is referred to as a point code. The addressing scheme or point code is the major routing characteristic of the CCS7 (SS7) network. The terms routeset and point code are somewhat synonymous.

The point code is made up of nine digits broken down into three, three-digit sequences. An example of this is 245-100-000. Reading the point code from left to right, we find that

• The first three digits refer to the network identifier (245).

• The next three digits refer to the cluster number (100).

• The final three digits refer to the member number (000).

In any given network, there can be 256 clusters with 256 members. The network number in this case is for Stentor Communications in Canada.

The routing of SS7 messages to a destination point code can take different paths or routes. From the SSP perspective, there are only two ways out from the node, one toward each of its mated STPs. From that point on, the STPs decide which routes are appropriate, based on the time, resources, and status of the network. From the SSP, various originating and terminating (destination) addressing scenarios are defined as follows:

• If the route chosen is a direct path using a directly connected link (SSP1-STPA), then the route is classified as an associated route.

• If the route is not directly connected via links (SSP1-SSP2), the route is classified as a quasi route.

All routing is controlled by nodal translations, providing flexible and network specific routing arrangements. This is shown in Figure 8-9.

Figure 8-9: Routes and routesets

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