Next, the glory of SONET! In a ring architecture, where SONET automatic protection switching is employed, the best of all worlds comes to fruition. In this topology, ADMs are used throughout the network, and a series of point-to-point links are installed between adjoining neighbors. The bidirectional capability places the most robustness into the network; however, unidirectional services can also be installed. The primary advantage of the ring architecture is survivability in the event of a cable cut or a failure in a network node. The multiplexers have sufficient intelligence to reroute or reverse direction in the event of a failure. If more than one fiber link is installed, the systems could use alternate paths, but they must recover in milliseconds (which APS on SONET is designed to do). Figure 29-14 shows the ring topology with dual fibers run (bidirectional service) between the ADMs.

Figure 29-14: Ring architecture of SONET multiplexers

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