Evaluating Consumption Levels

As discussed earlier, the Bluetooth low power modes have different characteristics and are suited to different classes of applications. Each low power mode also has a different cost in terms of energy consumption.The power consumption of a device is influenced by the hardware used, the low power parameters negotiated, and the type of application it is running. This section will aim to give a very general indication of the relative power consumption characteristics of the Bluetooth low power modes. Absolute values for the average current consumption in each mode are meaningless since it is highly dependent on the underlying hardware. This section will therefore concentrate on the relative power consumption of some of the Bluetooth low power modes.

Figure 3.4 shows a comparison of the average current consumption of a device using different Bluetooth low power modes.Transmission of ACL data has the greatest power cost and will be used as a benchmark against which to compare

Figure 3.4 Relative Current Consumption for Different Bluetooth Low Power Modes

ACL data

Sniff 40ms

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