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Setting IP addresses is distribution-specific. On RedHat and derivative distributions, including Mandrake, configuration is stored in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, with data for each interface shown in ifcfg-interface. linux-wlan-ng interfaces begin with wlan: wlan0, wlan1, and so forth. An example static IP configuration for the first wireless LAN interface would hold IP address and netmask information just as with any other interface:

[[email protected] network-scripts]# cat ifcfg-wlanO








Bringing up the interface is a matter of running ifup with the interface name as an argument as root. Most Linux kernels are built without bridging support and cannot by default be configured with two interfaces on the same logical IP subnet. This is often a danger for stations with wireless LAN interfaces because the wireless interface is sometimes used to replace an existing wired interface.

[[email protected] network-scripts]# ifup wlanO

Dynamic IP configuration with DHCP is allowed; refer to your distribution's documentation for details on enabling dynamic boot protocols. DHCP configuration depends on forming a successful association with an access point. If the association fails, the DHCP discovery packets result in "not associated" error messages in the log.

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