Figure A8 Physicallayer operations table

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dot11PHYType (enumerated)

This object is set tofhss (1) for frequency-hopping radio systems and dsss (2) for direct-sequence radio systems. It may also be set to irbaseband (3) if IR systems are ever implemented and will be set to ofdm (4) for the OFDM PHY specified in 802.11a.

dot11CurrentRegDomain (enumerated)

This object is set to the current regulatory domain of the system. Several values are possible, as shown in Table A-1.

Table A-1. Regulatory domains in the 802.11 MIB


Regulatory authority

Regulatory area

fcc (16)

U.S. Federal Communications Commission

United States

doc (32)

Industry Canada


etsi (48)

European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Europe, excluding France and Spain

spain (49)


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