Figure 1622 DNS request

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IS ■ ALVL: F'MI Li HiM-mi [ ilB E: 1 Fi (m K: C1 CteQl) ■ ■■■ .C.. c :rj^fnl|i II;

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(Wl, IVIS WW Ibt FVH <*—n> 3 d^k km s^ctll 'm(i 1 IrdDf^iLi^i MkWd :■: ■-.-iii-i [LKiaik ±; 1 Ahw rto: RutlWil.!! FWi: (f ■—:-!■ liik ■! m li B QlJW LH

£ uyv.^4 «j [! i.lui! l im a i:]jii lihl


Frame 6 is an 802.11 acknowledgment of the DNS request. It is a Control frame of type Acknowledgment. Acknowledgment frames are extraordinarily simple, containing only the address of the sender of the previous frame. It is shown in Figure 16-23.

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