Figure 1614 Expanded view of Probe Response frame

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I E=C 902,11 HdmuiLiiltiant

IEEE MC.ll hrttatltmilii

[ESE 962,11 MuulibHt

[E3E 932,11 AutlwUHit I"


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I E=E 992,11 Del luiliteit

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Tag nterTctitian: LjninjFcrrwi ithf Trir. MjTtB': 1 '¡^u^it S*tns)

Tag lTtfra-ttstLoi: i.pFB'tid ratfs: l.C(D) 2.0(8) [Hj:t.'MiJ Tu tab*-! 9 (IS Par-wttr- «Ü T*ä lMifltt: 1

Probe Responses are unicast frames and must be acknowledged by the receiver. Following the Probe Response, the receiver sends an acknowledgment to the access point. No source address is listed because the only address included in an 802.11 acknowledgment frame is the receiver address.

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