Configure withgtkprefixusrlib withgtkexecprefixusr

creating cache ./config.cache checking for a BSD compatible install...

/usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes

(many other test results omitted)

creating ./config.status creating Makefile creating config.h

The Ethereal package has been configured with the following options.

Build ethereal : yes Build tethereal : yes Build editcap : yes Build randpkt : no Build dftest : no

Install setuid : no

Use pcap library : yes

Use zlib library : yes

Use IPv6 name resolution : no

Use SNMP library : no

Note the summary at the end of the configuration script. When I failed to identify the location of the GLIB library, Ethereal was perfectly happy to configure for terminal-only analysis. Check the summary to be sure you are building the features you want. After configuration, run make, which builds:


The X-based graphical analyzer described in the rest of this section. tethereal

A terminal-based analyzer that uses the same core packet-analysis code.


A program that manipulates capture files and can translate between several common capture formats. By default, it uses the file format used by libpcap, though it also supports snoop, Sniffer traces, NetXray, and Microsoft Network Monitor captures. For a complete list of the supported file types, see the manual page for editcap.

Finally, install the executables using make install, which puts the executable in the location specified by the Makefile. If no install directory is explicitly specified in the configuration step, Ethereal is installed in the /usr/local hierarchy, with executables in /usr/local/bin and man pages in /usr/local/man.

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