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Critical Issues From Peers To Autopoiesis

Computer-mediated universal access and self-publishing created a new kind of public sphere. They also created a new set ofjustice and equity problems. Not everyone can afford access, and certainly not unlimited access, to the Internet. Indeed most of the world does not have a telephone connection, let alone a computer or an ISP account. But, then, also most of the world has never participated in public opinion formation of any kind. In the still limited number of countries where there is a history of strong public spheres, programs sponsored by governments and private foundations emerged in order to overcome access inequalities. Widespread provision of computing by companies and educational institutions also facilitated access to the new digital public as well. Stealing time from institutions for public and private Net activity emerged in the well-endowed democracies as a quasi entitlement creating dilemmas for organizations as to when and where and how to encourage or discourage such...

AIN Called Number Translation

Translation of 800, 900, and 976 Numbers. Translation of 800-numbers into routing numbers (unpublished 10-digit NANP numbers) has been available since 1980, as an intelligent network 1 (IN 1) service 1,2 . Today, most 800-number translations are still made by IN 1 databases. However, t l coms can move these translations to SCPs.

C56 Evaluating Other Algorithms

Has the algorithm been published If not, has it been independently evaluated by multiple professional cryptographers Independent evaluation is absolutely required to be sure that an algorithm is strong (algorithms are like arguments everybody finds their own unassailable). Furthermore, a strong algorithm is not weakened by being made public. You should be suspicious of unpublished algorithms, and you should not accept algorithms unless there are independent evaluations of them.

Critical Issues

In spite of repeated references to the need for a readily accessible reference set of static images and image sequences of faces that could provide a basis for benchmarks for efforts in automating FACS coding, no database of images exists that is shared by all diverse facial-expression-research communities. In general, only isolated pieces of such a facial database exist. An example is the unpublished database of Ekman-Hager Facial Action Exemplars. It has been used by Bartlett et al. (1999), Donato et al. (1999), and Tian et al. (2001) to train and test their methods for AU detection from face image sequences. The facial database made publicly available, but still not used by all diverse facial-expression-research communities, is the Cohn-Kanade AU-coded Face Expression Image Database (Kanade et al., 2000). None of these databases contains images of faces in profile view, none contains images of all possible single-AU activations, and none contains images of spontaneous facial...

Profit From Fiction

Profit From Fiction

Theres a lot of talk about just how lucrative the fiction genre is and how countless new writers are able to cash in with a combination of selfpublishing and hitting the right market.

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